Hello everyone!

The Millennial here.

The HomeWorks summer team is hard at work as we are trying to set up our minimum viable product (MVP): the HomeWorks Summer Scholar program. We are busy hiring a House-Mom and a House-Sister, securing a house, figuring out insurance and legal details, and etc. This program will be a 4-week version, which will cater to 4 girls, and will act as a condensed version of what we hope HomeWorks will be during the school year. Over the course of the summer, I will be posting about our progress, the people we encounter, and the good times that we hope to experience.

As the self-proclaimed millennial of the group, I will keep you updated with the latest information about our organization. Feel free to comment on our posts and start a conversation with us. Unofficially, welcome to the HomeWorks family, it will certainly be a fun journey!


Mofope The Millennial

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