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This is Jordan, the programming coordinator here at HomeWorks, and I am writing to share more information about what our scholars have been learning for the past three weeks. Tonight, after family pot-luck, we will begin our final week at HomeWorks Summer Scholars. These past four weeks have flown by, but the lessons the girls have learned will hopefully be memorable ones. I am personally so excited for the this fourth week of activities, which includes vision board making, not one but two HomeTalks*, and more. Before we look ahead to another great week at HomeWorks, let’s remind of ourselves of what our young women have accomplished thus far.

The HomeWorks staff makes an effort to deliberately plan the young women’s activities around five specific areas of personal development. These five areas are emotional growth/ self-awareness, social development, life skills, academic growth, and citizenship. Last week, the staff was proud that the scholars took leaps in their emotional growth after two days of discussions with guest speaker, Girls Unlimited. It’s important to us that our scholars feel they can express their emotions in a respectable and healthy manner. They each have grown in this area, and we expect more growth.

Additionally, we continued our readings with the award-winning novel Brown Girl Dreaming, and every girl contributed in last week’s book discussion. Two of the young women shared poems that stood out to them, and the rest of the group was able to hold a scholarly conversation about those poems. The staff hopes to expand on the conversations the girls should be having throughout the week, and we will finish the novel this week. We’ve encouraged the girls to use the lessons taught about time management and teamwork from their life skills activities to complete their projects on time.

In this final week, the young women are completing their “For the Culture” presentations, an opportunity where each girl will share about their own culture and one different from their own. This is one of many social development activities where we hope the scholars will better interpret, understand, and process how society impacts themselves and others. They are also completing their documentary film, which is a group project unlike the “For the Culture” presentations. The staff and young women look forward to premiering their film with their families at HomeWorks graduation this Friday! Have a wonderful week, and specific questions about programming can be sent to

* HomeTalks are times when a HomeWorks staffer (e.g.. – an administrator) gives a brief talk about a topic in which they are highly knowledgeable. This week, Mofope (The Millennial) will give a HomeTalk about what it was like growing up in Nigeria, and Natalie will speak about the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur.

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