Summer Scholars

This summer, we successfully launched a 4 week residential pilot program, serving five young women. This pilot allowed us to better understand the community we are serving, and for students and families to learn about the HomeWorks mission. The participants engaged in book discussions, community service projects, daily family style dinners, and much more. During those four weeks, we saw substantial and inspiring growth in the five middle schoolers who participated – from the ways they interacted with one another, engaged in discussions, and connected with the community. The scholars truly embodied our core values of compassion, self-affirmation, and empowerment, growing into the leaders who will positively impact their community.

Here is a video that the scholars created to document their time during the HomeWorks program:

Scholars Testimonials:

“HomeWorks inspired me to become a better person.”

“HomeWorks is a place for me to speak up about not only being a girl, but also being a black girl.”

“I like that HomeWorks teaches us about fixed mindsets and growth mindsets.”

“To me, HomeWorks is a growing, empowering community.”

Parent Testimonials:

“I think that being here [at HomeWorks] and being away from us has made her mature.”

“For HomeWorks to be here is a beacon and testament to our city.”